Refund Policy

Magic Soft Recovery Refund Policy

Your ORDER is prepared through Secured Socket Layer or SSL connectivity. All of the information joined on protected webpages is secured using the 128 Bit SSL protocol and passed on to the receiver via a safe and secure relationship. The information can only be study once it is obtained. Safe shopping is assured.

Activation Mail or Mail for Download

The e-mail sent by Magic Soft Recovery on buy of the product/software on the internet. The e-mail contains the web link to the complete edition of product/software and qualifications (if required) for initiating the product/software.

Customers have to comprehend this very properly that our recovery & conversion tool items are developed in such a way that they are examined in certain kinds of corruption or damaged situations where they provide 99.9% effective recovery results. However, users should be well aware that there can be certain corruption situations where our items might not be able to restore finish Meta information etc. Also, in situation the 100 % free space of your system is over-written by new information, then also, there can be the possibility of restoration failing, as in that situation, damaged data file might not even contain the needed information in the first place. This can be examined via the 100 % free trial editions that provide review of recoverable information. We predict users to co-operate with us as we make every possible attempt to help you get 100% fulfilment.

Guidelines for Refund

The consumer has the right to demand refund for the Magic Soft Recovery product/software for the 30 days from the time frame of buy, if your situation drops in the following return recommendations.

  • The purchase should be done either directly via Magic Soft Recovery.
  • Magic Soft Recovery is not responsible for any one of the following:
    • Any missing or misspell e-mail.
    • Delays in installing or any interaction setbacks.
    • Delay due to any unexpected out of control aspect.
    • Mail marked as SPAM by the e-mail customer program of the consumer or by the e-mail server being used by the consumer.
    • Mail for obtain or initial is shifted by the emailer or recipient e-mail server due to any reason.
    • Once purchasing is done, you don't need the program any longer.
    • Accidentally Purchased Tool and now want to eliminate it from the system.
    • While buying your aim was not to purchase this specific tool.
    • After buying program you encounters trouble to function the device in your handling system.
    • Software bought is not appropriate for the system you are using.
    • Activation process delays due to weekends.
    • Unable to use program, as simple specifications to run program is not satisfied by your machine.
  • Refund will be created only if one of the below circumstances keep true
    • If the Customer was execute the function as stated with trial edition but the functionality was not there in the Full Edition.
    • If the Magic Soft Recovery Support Team fails to help the customer in resolving the problem (you have to fully support our team).
  • Magic Soft Recovery is not reliable for miss-interpretation by customers of material issued as part of encouraging the product/tool by Magic Soft Recovery. In such case the duty lies with client to get the correct interpretation from the Magic Soft Recovery technical staff.
  • Refund will only be done when signed "Letter of End" in form of email is received by the customers. Magic Soft recovery should receive the email on within 30 days of the date of purchase of the Magic Soft Recovery product.
  • Letter Of End involves that customer allow for in written that the product/tool purchased from Magic Soft Recovery will be destroyed from all machines where it have been setting up and also allow authorized person from Magic Soft Recovery to do physical review of all the machines where it was set up to assure end is done properly. The review can happen anytime between 365 days of the date of buy of product/tool from Magic Soft Recovery. The review can encounter without prior notice to the customer. Any manifest of the refund product will entitled to legal transactions.
  • From the date of getting the "Letter of End" from the customer, the refund will be treated within 15 days. Any delay than 15 days will be advised to the customer via mail from Magic Soft Recovery.
  • If the complete edition of any tool works but not entirely then we will allow for an answer for that.
  • You can get in touch with the assistance group, in situation the application you bought is not able to perform functions that are guaranteed to be done. After examining and learning the problem, our technological professional will offer you with the appropriate remedy and then also if the problem is not fixed and still prevails, then we will return you the cash you spent while buying the item and quantity will be identified according to the process and problems fixed by our application.

Refund is not valid in the following cases:

  • When Customer Is Reluctant to Publish Information on Our FTP in Situation of Application Failure: There are 'N' variety of corruption cases, and if in any particular crime case, the consumer is discovering problems in executing the procedure using our software; then we ask the consumer to upload his files on our protected FTP Server, so that we can do the required for him. If the consumer is discovering problems in executing the procedure efficiently, and if he is also not posting his files on our FTP Server, even if we are prepared to indication the NDA (Non Discloser Agreement), then therefore, the return is not legitimate.
  • If the consumer bought any of our application without analysing FREE Trial Edition, then the return for that item will not be given.
  • In case our application is incapable to execute the procedure it is estimated to execute, and furthermore, none other application in the market also could not execute the same procedure, then, return cannot be stated. If, however, some other application works the procedure efficiently compared with our application, then, return can be stated.
  • If 30% restoration or conversion or any other estimated procedure is conducted efficiently by any of our application, then return cannot be stated.